Dolphin S 300i

Pool cleaners

Dolphin S300i is a smart solution for thorough cleaning of any pool, in any conditions. It learns the best way to navigate, intelligently adapting to the pool shape and obstacles for maximum performance and efficiency.

Cleaning of the bottom, walls and water lineDual filter basketCaddyControl with smartphoneActive brushPowerStream Mobility Navigation systemLightweightTransformer with a delayed start optionPřístup k filtrům z vrchu
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Gain uncompromising pool cleaning results, while enjoying exceptional ease and freedom. Control your Dolphin S300i through the multi-function power supply or use the MyDolphin app on your smartphone or tablet. The blinking LED indicates the active mode.


Cycle Time 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 hours
Pool Coverage Floor, Walls, Water Line
Filtration Dual Filter basket
Number of brushing / from that Active 2 / 1
Wall Climbing Yes
Cable Length 18 m
Weight 9,6 kg
My Dolphin App - Caddy Yes - Yes
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