Designs of swimming pools, outdoor pools and wellness facilities

If you wish to acquire a new indoor pool, an outdoor swimming pool or a wellness centre for your city or hotel contact the BAZENSERVIS Company, which will create a draft based on your ideas and then from the draft a study leading to a project that will achieve its realisation. It is a long process to complete the actual construction or modernisation of swimming centres and/or of public or family swimming pools. Based on its coordinated team, its experience and its high-quality facilities the BAZENSERVIS Company will guide you through the entire project smoothly and without any unnecessary worries.

Technological equipment

Within the project we will prepare not only what the visitors will see, i.e. the features that will make your centre more attractive, but we will also design the necessary technological equipment, including the engine room equipment, the filters, the pumps, the UV lamps and the chemical management.

Equipment that is made to measure

The BAZENSERVIS Company will provide a full service for you, as part of which, in addition to the necessary documentation, it will also take care of the implementation of other features, such as toboggans, water slides, children’s castles, jumping blocks, water spouts, wild rivers, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, water curtains and other attractions.

Do not just be content with standard quality

Investments in public indoor and outdoor swimming pools or spas are expensive. So do not just be content with standard quality and request a perfect tailor-made solution. Our unique and technologically demanding elements and solutions are exactly our cup-of-tea, as you will see in the references.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

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