Pool cleaners

Dolphin Bio Suction is the first automated solution for maintaining both bio and natural pools. Dolphin Bio Suction (patent pending) delivers top-of-the-line cleaning performance.

Cleaning of the bottom, walls and water lineFilter cartridgeSwivelCaddyRemote controlGyroscopeActive brushTop access to the filters

It complements the purifying action of the regeneration area by efficiently removing leaves and other debris using either internal filtering or external suction, and scrubbing the floor, walls and waterline. Relax and enjoy your pool, while Dolphin Bio Suction does the heavy cleaning work – without intervention and without harming the flora and creatures living in the pool.


Cycle Time 2 - 3 - 4 hours
Pool Coverage Floor, Walls, Water Line
Filtration Filter cartridge
Number of brushing / from that Active 5 / 1
Wall Climbing Yes
Cable Length 18 m
Weight 11,8 kg
Remote control - Caddy Yes - Yes
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